Our Company

AMC is a Facilities Management Company with a wealth of experience gained from projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Founded in 1992, AMC has grown into a professional Facilities Management Company. AMC, consisting of 1200 employees, provides Facilities Management and Operation Maintenance and full Support Services to communities exceeding 10,000 residents.

AMC provides full Facilities Management solutions to its Clients to cover Utilities; Buildings; Facilities and Plants maintenance; Security services and Safety; Operations and Personnel Support Services and is dedicated to go beyond Clients needs and satisfaction.

AMC strives to broaden and develop its activity through the introduction of new services, products and the application of innovative techniques.AMC has implemented a Quality Management System to continuously improve its operational services and hence to excel in the Facilities Management field.



By containing cost while maintaining Full Compliance with frequently changing Labor Laws

We Maintain Saudization requirement for full compliance with Saudi Labour Laws

By taming with the ever evolving regulations and the newly shaping market trends & volatility

By mitigating financial impacts via finding ways of controlling the escalating operating costs

AMC Quality Policy

Quality Management System

Allied Maintenance Company Limited AMC is committed to a Quality Management System (QMS) which promotes “quality” as a vital strategic component for our business. AMC ’s principle is that the QMS is a comprehensive and fundamental set of  rules and beliefs for leading and operating the AMC organization.

Long-term Goals

AMC will not compromise the integrity of work to satisfy short-term goals. AMC’s aim is to continually improve performance for the long-term, by focusing on the needs and expectations of our customers while addressing the requirement of all the organization’s stakeholders–owners, employees, suppliers and the environment.

Quality Management Approach

Maintaining the ISO 9001:2015 Certification is the main aim in the management of our quality policy. Continuous Improvement through the alignment of our Missions and Goals, as well as Responsibility and Respect for our job and to each other, is also as important.

Importance of Quality Policy

Implementation of the quality policy is a specific and a high priority agenda item for all management meetings and company briefings

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

HSE Policy

AMC Health, Safety and Environment Policy is a statement of intent by the company to provide a safe work place for the employees and to ensure an adequate system exists for promoting Health, Safety and Environment at work. All the employees are responsible to safeguard themselves and that their actions do not place themselves, others and properties at risk.

Management commitment & Organization Compliance

Focus on the well being of the employees, identify conditions detrimental to health, safety and environment and initiate corrective applications. Management is committed to prevention of injury and health and continual improvement in OH&S management and performance.

Training & Safe work practices

Employees are trained in safe work practices, policies and procedures. Management will establish curriculum objectives for enhancing employee’s awareness through various levels of training.

Audits of the workplace

Safety audits provide an ongoing assessment of performance and timely correction of deficiencies. With consultation of employees, recognized deficiencies in programs and procedures are to be reviewed and corrective actions are to be implemented.

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